Pendant Vintage

The best in industrial chic lighting option where you feel the touch of rusticity help illuminate the entire space with a very different kind of glow. A wonderful means to enhance the look of modern style and minimalism in a jiffy. This pendant lighting can be a great means to add a focal point in your spaces.

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Made of metal, very urbane in feel and post – industrial in its look – a repurposed metal made pendant lighting option which opens up a delightful look that is very different from the typical. The chain hanging adds that quaint rustic feel – the shade itself shows signs of distress that adds to its appeal. A wonderful means to add that focal point through lighting. Add this to your bar, or right above the dining table or your study table and see how well will it enhance that chic modern feel you wanted to build in. the metal has been left untouched in its raw and rustic form and shaped with great perfection for affine finish which however looks raw. Add them in singles – or better still make some kind of a display with several of them hanging at different heights for a more dramatic kind of look. Rust marks and welding marks adds to its charm – and its size too makes itself fit in with most spaces.