Lamp Sesenta

A ceramic lamp has the propensity t make the d̩cor look fresh, organic and very charming in its rusticity and the very design of the Sesenta lamp conforms this Рplayed down design that looks ethnic, the gorgeous lay of muted shades, the smooth finish on the body Рall of this makes this a covetable d̩cor accent whose very presence will make huge difference not just to the illumination of that space but to the overall appeal of that space.

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Lamps lend spaces a special depth and help highlight the rest of the d̩cor elements Рand when the lamp itself is so beautifully crafted the feeling it evokes is classic and very chic. The lamps base has a smooth textured finish, a lovely pattern adorns it in beige and grey which look stunning in any kind of d̩cor. The lampshade that accompanies it is in white, complementing its basic color . The shape of the lamp base is such that it will maintain its balance well despite its overall height of 53 cm. It is stock, square based and very sound in its dimensions to afford it this kind of height, dispute the base being quite dainty in proportion. The ceramic is strong and not too lightweight. The base thus feels solid and very rustic in its charm and appeal. Will especially bring out beauty of corners, table settings, sideboards, bedsides and the likes. Even when not illuminated the lamp has a look that can help define and magnify the beauty of its setting.