Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Lighting & Living takes security of your information very seriously.
In order to create an efficient process for completion of transactions now and in the future
Lighting & Living will have to collect some information. This includes name, address, phone
number and email address. This information may need to be given to third parties
occasionally such as financial institutions and shipping companies to overcome
complications in the ordering process.
Lighting & Living will only use your data to process orders and to better serve you as a
customer. Data is collected only when you create a login.
All financial transactions performed through this website are conducted through National
Australia Bank and their third parties. Lighting & Living do not collect any financial
information in performing transactions. This process is applied to assure security for our
customers with trusted names in payment security.
The Loyalty program is an opt in opt out process. In this we collect your date of birth for the
purpose of providing you with gifts on your birthday and to gain a profile of customer age
groups. We will not share this information with any third parties.
For any questions regarding the privacy policy at Lighting & Living please contact through