Batten Fix

Batten fix lighting or Do It Yourself (DIY) lighting is a great way of changing up a room without needing an electrician. To install a batten fix all you need is an exposed batten like below:

Batten fixes can be used for a wide range of uses. Traditional glass batten fixes like the examples below are perfect for rental houses due to their simplicity, ease to change globes and low cost. We are home to one of the most extensive ranges in lighting and Batten Fix Lights is where we shine. Perfect for replacing old fashioned shades for all areas of the house, we have a design to suit all interiors. With our quality collection, you are certain to find a Batten fix to last years to come.

Batten fixes can be used to make a statement or to compliment a style like industrial or Hampton. The best part of using batten fixes for this use is that they can be easily changed as trends or tastes change. Examples of statement batten fixes are below:

Batten fixes aren’t just limited to these examples there are many other batten fixes available for a variation of uses. There are even LED ones like the ones below, allowing customers to have the best lighting technology and the convenience from a DIY application light.

Hanging kits are available to make batten fixes have more of a statement or to better suit customers with higher ceilings.

Whatever the purpose lighting and living will have the batten fix for you in our extensive range.

Often overlooked, batten fix offer the perfect ‘Do It Yourself’ lighting solution, being affordable, dependable and easy to install. Fittings from Lighting and Living extensive range of both contemporary styled and traditional batten fix are ideally suited to replacing bare lamps and old fashioned shades in all domestic lighting applications including family rooms, entertainment areas, kitchens, bedrooms and living areas.

How to install D.I.Y. batten fix lights

The best thing about D.I.Y. lights is there’s no wiring involved, so no electrician is required. You can quickly and easily install them over any existing batten fixture.

“D.I.Y. lights are an easy, no-fuss lighting solution that can add style and colour to a room,” explains Amy. “They’re great for renters—you just take them with you when you move.” D.I.Y. lights also make decor updates easy and cost-effective. Whether you’re updating for the season, or refreshing old fittings, there’s a wide range to match any home.

D.I.Y. lights can go anywhere
Almost every room in the house will benefit from D.I.Y. lights, especially living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. As children grow up, you can easily update their bedroom to suit their age or replace damaged light fittings. Busy rooms like the kitchen can require new lights more often than other rooms, which is a nice excuse to update the look too. In fact, whenever you make a change in a room—new furniture, TV or paint—you can easily complete the room with a D.I.Y. light.

D.I.Y. light shades for smaller spaces
Amy notes there’s a variety of sizes to suit your space. “Smaller shades like the Biba can give a subtle uplift to a room, while larger decorative pieces like the Rufus and Ruben will really stand out.”

There are also several models that are available in both small and large sizes, including the best-selling Murano and the natural woven rattan of the Kelly.

D.I.Y. batten fix pendant lights
Amy suggests another option is to create a pendant light. “The Rufus can be quickly converted to a pendant with the use of a Huxta D.I.Y. pendant kit—no wires to connect and no tools required.”

Globes and energy efficiency

The Mercator D.I.Y. lighting range is LED globe compatible which helps save energy. Decorative globes can also be used and look fantastic in the small Biba, medium sized Java, Ivan, Viva and Donna, and the large decorative pieces like the Allyce.

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